The Eye Catching CrossBuddy™ - First Edition

€69,95 €125

The CrossBuddy™ 

The iconic trend setting crossbody bag that men and women love! Going viral through all adventure seekers and people who recognize high quality and style.

This versatile unisex crossbody travel bag with a stylish waxed canvas design, featuring genuine leather and matte nickel hardware details.

It looks great on both men and women and is a Buddy In Every Way 

Helps to protect you against pickpockets
Carries your most important daily valuables
Helps you look unique and distinguished


    There is a lot of enthusiastic buzz surrounding The CrossBuddy™ this season thanks to the new creative designer Jessica Lee, who has debuted  in our shop. 

    Please check the logo on the inside of the bag so you know you have the genuine CrossBuddy



    Did you know there are over 400,000 pick pocketing incidents occuring in the world each and every single day?! 

    The CrossBuddy™ is more secure than a shoulder travel purse or backpack. It is more stylish than a traditional travel daypack, so it doesn’t make you stand out as a tourist potentially making you a target for pickpockets.
      Plus, you can carry it on your side or chest in places that are more crowded, to keep it even closer and in sight yourself.

        • The hidden pocket on the back of The CrossBuddy™ can hold your mobile phone of wallet. 


        LEFT  and RIGHT Handed Use

        • Left handed people often face challenges in a right handed world. Not with our CrossBuddy™ - you can easily adjust wearing it left and right. So switch whenever you like!  
        • With its semi-cylindrical design, it can hold a lot and still look like a smaller bag. It can easily carry your Ipad, thin coat, stationary, water bottle, wallet and more.

        • When you want a smaller handbag but don't want to sacrifice on capacity, this bag delivers. 

         100% WATERPROOF

        • Your valuables will be protected against rain. 


         This is a limited offer so make sure you get your CrossBuddy™ at our introduction price.

        Shop now and get your own genuine Crossbuddy™ here



        We take great pride in the quality of our product and materials and guarantee you will be satisfied with products of The Canvas Bags™. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, we guarantee a hassle free return policy.

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