DREAMER Travel Bag


The Dreamer Travel Bag - For Your Adventures

The Dreamer Travel Bag is specially made for the adventure lover. It is tough, unique and also practical because it offers a lot of space for all your stuff. The high quality materials are very strong and will last a lifetime! Due to its unique color combination and shape, it is a real eye catcher! A must have for the bag lovers!


The bags are waxed which makes them waterproof, so all your valuables stay dry.

The Dreamer Travel Bag comes in different vintage colors so you can choose your favorite color.

The dimensions of this bag are 54 cm long, 28 cm wide and 28 cm high. Just pack whatever you need; your daily items such as a wallet, important papers, passport, clothing and your laptop!

This bag is handmade with high-quality materials, like canvas and leather. These materials ensure a tough robust look.  Our designers eye for quality and detail has resulted in beautiful and sturdy zippers. 

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 PLEASE NOTE: The offer is valid while supplies last

This bag has a lot of storage space. You can put everything in it. The bag is also anti-theft. Your valuable papers, mobile and wallet therefore remain safe!

 PLEASE NOTE: The Dreamer Travel Bag is not sold in stores, so take advantage of this offer while supplies last!

Don't let this strikingly beautiful and sturdy backpack pass you by. We have a limited edition. 


Our store has warehouses all over the world. Our design team and customer service teams work from all over the world. Yet we all have only one mission; to handcraft and deliver the best quality bags, backpacks and service that keep you, our customer, 100% happy.

We offer regular and express shipping to most addresses worldwide. Shipping cost is included. Note: P.O. box deliveries will automatically be sent by regular shipping.

The genuine leathers we use are premium. The canvas is water resistant or waterproof, sustainably produced and chosen for their durability and lightweight performance.

We offer regular and ensured shipping to most addresses worldwide. Shipping cost and delivery times are included. Note: P.O. box deliveries will automatically be sent by regular shipping.

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