The OWLY Mini Handbag



This cutest bag ever that helps you make your statement:  you love a colorful life and you're not afraid to show it!

  • Making your statement 

Let’s face it…Finding the perfect bag that could hold everything for you can be hard. Oh, and not to mention how hard matching the vibes could get while choosing a bag for yourself.

Well, all your worries are over because we bring you the Owly Mini Bag that is specially designed for those who want to make a statement without the extra BLING… Whether it is because you love animal, Harry Potter, wisdom or anything else, be sure to get many 'ahhhh-s' when showing your Owly Bag!


  • A Colorful Tote Bag that Echoes Your Style

Take a trip to the future with this retro-styled bag that offers amazing designs like never before. Its unique built hints at the future with its sturdy canvas built and beautiful colors – while keeping your feet strongly grounded in the present.

The inspiration behind this Owly Mini Bag echoes our brand’s history of style, being bold, and making your own way into the bigger picture.


  • All the Goodness of A Tote Bag Put Into One

This tote bag pairs with any outfit on any given day and lets you stand out in the busy city crowds. A specially built phone pocket and huge storage space allow you to easily organize your life – the way you want it.

Oh, and we’re all about bringing you the best quality. That’s why, you get discreet polyester lining, strong zipper closure, and sturdy tote handles.

  • 6 Special Designs - which would you chose?

This is where the tote bag truly stands out. It comes with a wide range of designs that allow you to satisfy your inner mojo. This bag allows you to show off your fun side without compromising on the practicality.

From hitting the shopping mall to visiting university campus and seeing friends – the Owly Mini Bag all you could ever need in a bag!


The Features of Owly Mini Bag

Nylon Handles – no matter how much you stuff this bag, its handles are never going to come off. Meticulously stitched, these nylon handles are never going to come off no matter how much load you are lifting.

Robust Design – of what use is a bag to you if it doesn't hold your things in place? That's why we've made sure that we give you the most robust bag on the market. Double-stitched at the seams – this bag is here to stay!


Order this Bag Today and Show Your Colors!

This bag is available today on a whopping 50% discount. Place your order today before the price goes up!


 Satisfaction guarantee

We take great pride in the quality of our product and materials and guarantee you will be satisfied with products of The Canvas Bags™. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, we guarantee a hassle free return policy. Our team is always there to assist you with any question. Simply contact us!


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