EZRA- Camera Lens Bag

32€ 93,87€
Color: Camouflage Blue Large

Our EZRA bag keeps camera lenses safe while you take them anywhere

Enjoy the eye-catching design of this classic EZRA- Camera Lens Bag that provides effortless protection for your cameras and stylish to take anywhere you want to go!

  • The lens bag is made of sturdy, high-quality material and water-resistant which can protect your lens against moisture, sand, dust, accidental bumps, and scratches.
  • It is almost compatible with all camera lenses and suitable for Canon, Nikon, and many more SLR Cameras.

  • The uplift lining design of this bag makes it dust-free from entering the zipper connection which offers a closed environment for your lens and protects it.
  •  Its lightweight and soft padded interior allowing you to protect your lens securely from scratches.
  • The belt loop and quick clip design provide a convenient and secure way to transport your lens case and place the bag in your backpack or put it in another bag.


  • Main material: canvas
  • Color: Khaki, Blue, Camouflage Blue, Camouflage Yellow.
  • Small Bag Size : Length (12.5cm) * Height (20.5cm)
  • Large Bag Size : Length (12.5cm) * Height (24.5cm)
  • Weight : About 0.35kg

 Ready to capture the essence of your journey with this EZRA- Camera Lens Bag!

 Pick up your Lens bag today to enjoy the best online deal - Be in a hurry before the stock out!


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