The EVEREST Backpack

89,95€ 125€
Color: Black

When you need the best business backpack you can get, balancing style and business savvy, you have come to the right place. The Everest Backpack is our customers' favorite, and seen as their best choice for a business backpack.

  • Caro Berlatti's exclusive design always knows how to get things just right. This take on a canvas backpack is stylish and elegant enough to stow over the shoulder of a suit without looking out of place, all thanks to a minimal design and versatile leather details.
  • Say Goodbye to Storage Issues and Untied Seems

Travel bags need to hold a lot and stand beside you on your travels. This bag has one main compartment and a smaller one inside of it to help you keep things organized…

With its dimensions (30 cm * 17 cm * 40 cm / 12' * 6.7' * 16' ) this iconic backpack allows you to store books, diaries, a 14 inch laptop, camera, clothes, and even your shoes so that you can glide past the hard terrains and reach the perfect meadows to write or draw your heart out…. 

  • Futuristic Design to Entice the Time Traveler In You

The EVEREST Backpack comes with a unique design, unlike no other bag, making your outfit appear iconic and adventurous.

It not only holds valuables on the inside but on the outside as well! On top of that, its sturdy straps comfortably rest on your shoulders and offer adjust-ability to suit your style. 


  • This is what you’ve been looking for…

Waterproof – This bag helps you fight the odds by being waterproof. No matter where you are, you will no longer be worried about getting your essentials all soaked up.

Washed Canvas – The backside of this bag is made of washed canvas that reduces the friction and is more comfortable to wear on your back.

Cotton StrapsThese straps are made of cotton-padded curved material which has a certain load relieving function like never seen before.



Order this Iconic Bag now - on sale today - and show your unique style!

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The genuine leathers we use are premium. The canvas is water resistant or waterproof, sustainably produced and chosen for their durability and lightweight performance.

We offer regular and ensured shipping to most addresses worldwide. Shipping cost and delivery times are included. Note: P.O. box deliveries will automatically be sent by regular shipping.

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