DENZEL Business Backpack

89,95€ 145€
Color: Black

The DENZEL Bag - for your Workspace

If you often use a backpack to carry your business belongings like a laptop, books, and other valuables, you will absolutely love this stylish companion. DENZEL Business Backpack is designed to blend into any environment and to meet all your needs! It is the perfect backpack with extra protection to
keep things safe and secure.

  • Carefully crafted with high-quality fabric which is water-resistant.
  • Anti-theft and reinforced straps keep pickpockets from cutting the straps while you are commuting
  • Neat stitches, durable buckle, and smooth zippers ensure long-term durability.
  • With its double zip combination lock, you will protect your belongings against pickpockets


  • Back ventilation design provides great airflow and keeps your back dry so you won't have sweaty shirts anymore.
  • The DENZEL Business Backpack is designed with adjustable straps, you can adjust the straps according to your needs. 
  • The cool appearance of this backpack makes it ideal for business usage, adding to your sophisticated yet fashionable looks.
  • Safety reflecting - Under low-light conditions, the patch on the backpack begins glowing, increasing the chances of it being noticed by cars or bikes driving behind you. 


  • Color: Black, Blue, Gray, Red
  • StyleFashion

Shop this amazing high-quality Denzel backpack while still on sale. Careful; we have limited stock for this offer.


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