With a few notable exceptions, a 21st-century (business) person doesn’t have to wear a suit to conduct business. That means you don’t necessarily have to carry a briefcase.

Same goes for private life. The way we carry our valuables is changing dramatically.

With comfort and functionality as priorities, lots of people now use crossbodies for their everyday commute — just throw it over your shoulders and you’re hands-free for a coffee, a handshake or holding on while the bus creeps forward.

The crossbodies in our shop cover the spectrum of unique designs, so when you're looking for something different than the regular bags, you've come to the right place.

Whether you’re looking for a simple vessel for getting from A to B with the day’s goods or you plan to telecommute to a secluded bungalow on the beach, these crossbodies are up for the task.

We constantly add new designs to our collections, for both men and women, so stay tuned. The only criterium we use is 'is it special enough'?