MARLEY Anti-Theft Crossbody 2.0

39,95€ 50€
Color: Black

Our Marley Crossbody bag is perfect for active people who are constantly on the move and always want their phone, tablet, wallets, keys and much more safely with them.


Frequent Travelers - Special design makes functionality for traveling a breeze. For short trips or even longer trips. 

Lifting & Running - When you’re an gym goer or running enthusiast and need to carry your keys wallet, phone etc. the Marley is a perfect companion.

Cycling & Motorcycling - Are you riding frequently and you need a quick lightweight solution to carry your essentials without worrying about it falling out of your pockets? We designed the Marley just for that as well.

  • This subtle design allows you to carry it both underneath and over your clothing, without causing discomfort. 
  • Due to the high-quality sewing and material, your Marley keeps its shape, fitting the shape of your body.

  • Construction of slim-fit allows comfortably to wear as over and as under an outerwear.  This way your bag becomes extra anti-thief; it will protect your gadgets and documents from stealing
  • Make sure you have the real Marley; check the leather details that stand out for its luxury looks:

  • The bag is made of durable high quality material. Check the genuine leather details that make this bag stand out from all other anti-theft bags.


  • Adjustable wide strap with reinforced soft part reduces pressure on the shoulder and comfortably fits to the body.
  • Reinforced zippers protect your items

One of our customer's reviews: 

"I got 2 of these, one for myself and one for my husband as a gift for our trips, he loves it. We use it almost every day wherever we go, for shopping, walking. They are super light, easy to find everything with one move. I can fit a lot in, it feels safe, not worried about losing something ever again!"


• 4 compartments on a zippers and 1 velcro pocket
• Large pocket for an 8" tablet, notebook and other items
• Pocket for keys and other trifles

Marley bag size:
  • Weight: 220 grams
  • Sizes: 32 cm ( 13 in) x 23 cm (9 in) x 1.5 cm (1 in) 


"I needed a slim bag to carry my wallet, keys and cellphone. This bag is very slim and light weighted. However, it has several compartments so I can even put in some coins and my power bank. There is also a sunglasses strip in the shoulder band. Exactly what I need. And the new design with the leather details just makes it look super sharp."

Morgan B. California US



We offer regular and express shipping to most addresses worldwide. Shipping cost is included. Note: P.O. box deliveries will automatically be sent by regular shipping.

The genuine leathers we use are premium. The canvas is water resistant or waterproof, sustainably produced and chosen for their durability and lightweight performance.

We offer regular and ensured shipping to most addresses worldwide. Shipping cost and delivery times are included. Note: P.O. box deliveries will automatically be sent by regular shipping.

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