The KJELL | Luxury Leather Sling

Color: Brown

A genuine leather bag is a decent investment. It can last for a lifetime, and the longer you use it, the better it looks. The initial cost would be higher than any synthetic equivalent, but the product's lifespan is much greater. 

Introducing: The Kjell

  • PRACTICAL ALTERNATIVE - For when your pockets just aren’t enough, the sling bag is the more comfortable, more practical alternative for a backpack. And it's getting more popular by the day.
  • ERGONOMICALLY speaking, this Kjell sling bag is a win-win. Worn diagonally across your back, the weight is distributed more evenly, making it outperform messenger or tote bags. 

  • HAPPY HYBRID between full-blown backpacks and less practical shoulder bags, sling bags are perfect to house your essentials for city day trips, long walks or sightseeing. 
  • CRAFTMANSHIP with exquisite genuine leather and high-end hardware. It is the perfect gift for any adventurer who demands luxury and durability.  Extra attention was given to the durability of the stitching and hardware, so this bag radiates luxury.

  • EVERYTHING CLOSE BY - The Kjell is styled to keep our pockets light, trouser silhouettes trim, and your sundry requirements for electronics, money, and anything else you’d like to keep handy secure and within reach. This is why the Kjell is loved by travellers and commuters so much.

Get the Kjell today while still on sale 


Our store has warehouses all over the world. Our design team and customer service teams work from all over the world. Yet we all have only one mission; to handcraft and deliver the best quality bags, backpacks and service that keep you, our customer, 100% happy.

We offer regular and express shipping to most addresses worldwide. Shipping cost is included. Note: P.O. box deliveries will automatically be sent by regular shipping.

The genuine leathers we use are premium. The canvas is water resistant or waterproof, sustainably produced and chosen for their durability and lightweight performance.

We offer regular and ensured shipping to most addresses worldwide. Shipping cost and delivery times are included. Note: P.O. box deliveries will automatically be sent by regular shipping.

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